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Do you want to help your friends and neighbors and earn hours that you can use to get the things you need? Jack Does That is an hour exchange based in Central Maine. Our members exchange services on an hour-for-hour basis and everyone's time is equal. We help individuals, organizations and businesses meet their needs cash-free with hours exchanged and group projects. Join Jack Does That and start building your time bank today!

Jack Does That is a member-led community organization. We use our time and skills to help grow and sustain the hour exchange. For more information on becoming a member click here. Want to see what people are offering in the Hour Exchange? click here! You can also drop in at any event listed on our calendar to learn more about what Jack does!

Please also consider making a tax deductible donation to support Jack Does That. We depend on contributions to keep our organization strong. Checks can be sent to Jack Does That, 572 Bangor Rd., Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426.  You can also donate online with a credit card by using the form below. Thanks!
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Use the form below to start your on-line donation to Jack Does That. You can use this form for your annual suggested donation or to make an extra donation to support Jack Does That. Once you submit the information below, you will be redirected to the online donation system for the Charlotte White Center. The Charlotte White Center, as the host for Jack Does That, will collect your credit card and billing information, but it is still a quick and easy process. Thank you!

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